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Laying the Foundation of Natural Church Growth

Natural church growth is the arrival of new members that are continuous. The new members are not forced or persuaded to join the church. Instead, they willingly make the decision of going to the church considering that natural growth takes place when people see that they will get benefits from being members of a given church.
It is the dream of every congregation to have a growth that is natural in a church. However, the issue is that it does not happen to each person who goes to church and it does not happen in one day. The growth that is natural of a church is the result of the enrichment of spiritual lives that is continuous of the members who are currently attending the church. In return, the members share their spiritual blessings with family and friends without an initial aim of recruiting them.

One of the ways of encouraging natural growth is by inspiring the members just like what JoAnn Braziel Ministries are doing. It is one of the ministries which empower people especially the women to reach their full potential even though they are facing difficulties in their life. The expectation of the ministry is touching the lives of women in a way that will make them grow in their religious life. Thus, by meeting the expectation of members helps in keeping the current members and also helps in the growth of the church.

In cases that church members are not motivated, it will not be possible to attract other members. The natural growth of a church takes place only when the existing members are inspired by the experiences that they are currently going through in the church and start sharing them with other people.
It is essential to create a relationship that is lasting with all the guests. The members of the church do not expect that the people they bring to church will be members.

Thus, how they are initially treated will determine if they will continue going to the church. Most ministries take this into consideration because their main aim is inspiring and giving hope to the people.

Existing church members should always be encouraged to reach out to other people to make differences in their lives. However it should not be a task, but an undertaking that is optional. In the case that it is made a task for each of the members, some members may feel compelled to invite new people and be with them during the church services. They will have a mindset that is retained that they have to do it because they are required to do so. In the case that it is done voluntarily, they will be bringing the visitors without a feeling that they are being forced to do so.

Church growth which is natural is one of the best things that can happen to any ministry. It is essential for people to strive to make it happen. It will have great outcomes in energizing, empowering and inspiring different people.

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