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How to Hire a Painting Company

Professional painting contractors are independent, skilled painters that are either hired by a homeowner or are contracted directly by a painting contractor. Painting contractors typically are small, single-staff outfits, numbering from one to fifteen painters. However, they often also specialize in other fields such as staining, wallpaper repair, and drywall restoration. Whether or not a painting contractor is contracted directly by a home owner, virtually all of them provide high-quality work.

There are many different types of painting contractors, each specializing in different aspects of the job. For example, if the painting contractor is going to be working on the interior painting of a home, than the style may very well include a trowel, mop, bucket, dustpan, Terra cotta tile, and brushes, all of which may be shaped differently. Likewise, window trim may be provided by painting contractors that include sawing, trimming, or sawing off sections of the surface. There are also painting contractors that specialize solely in exterior painting, with a focus on brick exteriors and detailing. Many contracting companies will also do window trim work as well and this can add value to homes as the surface of the home is made pristine and ready for the curb appeal.

Before contracting with any painting contractors, it is imperative that homeowners create and read a written contract with these professionals. The contract should be completely detailed and cover every aspect of the painting job, including price, time, scope, materials used, completion date, and even what kind of payment methods are acceptable. Any changes to the plan need to be put in writing, as without a written contract, both the homeowner and the painting contractor are binding under the home improvement sales laws to settle disputes or disagreements in a matter of court. Any additional work that the contractor wishes to perform must be covered in the contract.

Painting contractors generally charge per job, which means they will either come in and provide a quote for the entire job, or divide the cost into several jobs that must be performed at different times throughout the year. Prices will vary according to the quality of the job and material used, as well as the length of time it takes to complete the job. Some painting contractors will require an additional fee if the painting job requires any specialty materials, such as brick or stone work, which they may not usually supply in-house. Contractors will have a list of supplies they typically provide, which includes high-quality painters, adhesives, and products for cleaning and polishing the interior of the home. Because many painting contractors also provide interior designers, homeowners should ask if their painting needs will be met by a particular company, or if they can get a quote on the services they will provide as well as a list of materials they recommend.

The best way to make sure you hire the right painting contractor for your needs is to ask for references from past clients. Most painting firms will have a list of happy customers on hand, so it makes sense to ask about them. If someone you know has a good experience with the painting firm, chances are you will too.

Another way to make sure you hire the right people is to ask for a free consultation. Some painting contractors will offer this as part of their standard service, while others will only do it when you specifically request it. Before you hire any painting company, be sure to ask for their recommendations, whether it’s a family member a friend, or a professional painters association. By taking all these factors into consideration, you will be able to choose the best professional painters to meet your painting needs.

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