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Times are hard; we are all battling different things. Some are dealing with issues with finances; some are dealing with stubborn illness; others are dealing with been barren; others are dealing with a divorce and many more situations. All these situations can make it hard for us to enjoy the gift of life that we have been granted. All these experiences can be so overwhelming that so many people are living a depressed life. It has been discovered that spirituality is one of the things that is helping to deal with depression and anxiety. Without believing in a supernatural power, we would live a hopeless life. Spirituality and religion are assisting the people to go through these hard experiences with the hope that things are going to change. Prayer has been used to seek help from God with the belief and the faith that things are going to be okay. Therefore, people can get comfortable and relieve from the things they are facing and hence live a happier and hopeful life.

There are various advantages of spirituality. One of the benefits is that it helps to relieve stress. Stress is not healthy when we are certain that we do not have to go through this life by ourselves and there is a God who is a friend, and he will not live no matter what we do. This fact makes people gain comfort, and there can calm down amid all the troubles because they are sure that there is someone more significant than anything that is sorting us. The second advantage is that it helps to reduce depression. Depression is a mental health condition that is caused by continued stress for a long time. The feeling of hopeless, guilt and sadness can take control over one life and make them live a stagnated life. Depression can be treated by talk therapy from spiritual people. A depressed person is made to understand that all is not done; they are made to understand that they do not have to live in despair because God has not yet finished their story. They are also made to understand that they can forgive themselves and live a life that is free from guilt and condemnation. Through these spiritual talks, one can gain control over their lives and live a life that is filled with hope and hoping for the best.

The third reason why there is a need for spiritual therapy is to improve our lifespan. Depression affects our general health. Mental health can cause other health issues such as hypertension, cancer, and any other condition. It has been proved that people that live stressed have a weak immune system, and these can have an effect on their health. Therefore, spiritual therapy helps people to live healthy both in body and soul. Therefore if you are among the people that are facing too much pain should consider seeking help from a spiritual therapist. A spiritual therapist will help one to live a stress-free life and lift all your burden and let God carry them for you.

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