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Benefits Of Going To A Christian Church

It is the duty of every Christian to walk in this journey of salvation without giving up at any time regardless of the challenges. The Bible in Isiah 43:1 tells us that even when the storms and other life challenges come along, God will surely come through for us. There are several ways of keeping your faith to God always strong and unshakable. In addition to praying and reading the Word of God, you need to make church your best place. It is in the church that you will be taught more about the Word of God, thus greatly elevating your faith to God. However, churches are not only meant for the saved ones. Jesus said that he had come for those who are not saved and not those who are already saved. This implies that those wandering in sin can still get help from going to church. Personally, I can testify the many benefits of going to church. This article is aimed at helping the reader realize some of the reasons why it is good for every Christian to go to church.

The first reason why going to church is important is that we are able to get closer to God. Many are times when our sins make us feel like God has abandoned us, which is not true. In the church, you will get a very good physical space to worship God in truth and spirit. The Word of God tells us that God is a spirit and for us to get connected with Him, we have to worship Him in truth and spirit too. The worship and prayer mood in the churches help many people draw closer to God, thus hearing and understanding His voice better. It is only after we draw closer to God that we realize the greater treasures He has for us. Sin keeps us away from God. The book of Romans 8:6 tells us to set our minds and bodies in spirit and not in the flesh so that we can walk with God. When you go to church, you are taught how to always bet true to God by setting your mind and body in spirit. This will also help you get into a state where you can open yourself more to God and properly understand His message. It is also in the church that you will be connected with other disciples to help you walk in the journey of salvation. Salvation is not a walk in the park. There are so many challenges and temptations from the devil that make many Christians end up backsliding. When you give the devil a chance to shake your faith, then you start drawing far from God. This can be prevented by going to church regularly. You will be connected with other worshipers like pastors and church elders who can help you even when you feel like giving up. The other reason why going to church is good is that you get a chance to make new and good friends who will add value to your life. You can also end up getting a life partner in the church if you are single. Lastly, Christian churches allow us to feel reverence and enjoy inner peace.

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