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Signs of Deficiency of Vitamin C in Your Body

The vitamins are essential nutrients that help in the growth of the human body; you need vitamin C too for it plays a major role in your body. The vitamin C also helps to keep the body health by helping to protect the immune system to be free from the infection. There are symptoms of vitamin C deficiency in your body this include.

One of the symptoms is rough skin. The vitamin C is antioxidant that helps to prevent aging, destroying in the air that will come into contact with skin and this will increase your blood flow.

There is the indication of bruises that take a long time to heal. When you notice that your bruises on the skin are taking time to heal, it means that you have the deficiency of the vitamin C the production of the collagen in your bloodstream is low.

There is the indication of bleeding or swollen gums. The gums comprise of the collagen that are produced by the vitamin C when your gums are sensitive and star to bleed to show that there is a deficiency of vitamin C in your body.

There is the symptom of iron deficiency. The food rich in iron like the spinach and kale helps to prevent paleness or headaches in the body and for absorption to be complete, there is the presence of vitamin C must sufficient.

There is the symptom of the weak immune system. When you have a weak immune system, it is an indication of insufficient vitamin C in your body this increases the risk of your body to have infections attack and this is risky. The disease condition like pneumonia s can lead to death if not treated; thus, vitamin C is very vital in the human body.

There is the indication of feeling moody and fatigued. The feeling of moody and fatigue is a result of low energy levels in your body and with sufficient Vitamin C, there will be an increase in energy due to high metabolism.

There is a symptom of vision problems. When you have insufficient vitamin C in your body, you will experience a problem with your vision, as we age, the vision level become weak, the vitamin C will help to improve the immune of connective tissues.

The weight gain is an indication of deficiency of vitamin C. You need to have the consistent supply of vitamin C in your body to boost the level of metabolism and this will help the breakdown of fat in the body to be fast; thus, keeping fit with no weight gain.

There is the symptom of swollen and painful joints. You need to maintain healthy joint; thus, you need to eat diet and food rich in vitamin C and this will prevent swelling of the joint; thus, it will be easy to move around with no pain.