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How To Pay An Immigration Bond For A Detained Alien

Globally there is a huge population that seeks for an opportunity to live and work in the US. For this reason, there is a wide majority that gets to the country without the right documentation. Security agents in the country, on the other hand, are on the lookout and ensure such persons are intercepted. There is an option to get the person out of detention through the payment of an alien bond as per the set laws of the state.

Immigration officers are allowed by the law to set the bond amounts for the detained aliens. If this is set, the detainee can have a responsible person pay the bond on their behalf. Payment of the bond needs to be done within a week from the time of its determination.

If it happens that the aliens are denied the bond, the matter can be brought to the floor of the courts. The case is brought to the attention of an immigration judge who applies law to determine in the alien is eligible for a bond. When the judge approves eligibility, he then proceeds to set the right amount that needs to be paid for the bond. Once the amount set is paid, the judge then gives orders to have the alien released.

Once the bond is granted, the law requires one to set an appointment with the immigration offices to pay the bond. Payments for the bond granted needs to be done by a legal citizen of the US as per the laws of the land. A day is scheduled for the payments through an appointment and the process requires this to be made to the immigration officers. There us a requirement, however, to make the payments in a personal check as there is no option of making the payments in cash. Alternatively a cashier’s check can be written to be paid to the department of homeland security. There is also the option of seeking the assistance of US immigration bonds and insurance services.

A clearance is given once the full amounts set for the bond are paid and it is at this point that the alien can be released. This is a fast process that takes an average of one hour to carry the process to its completion. It is required that the person paying the bond visit the detention facility where the alien is held. There must be a communication from the immigration department to the detaining facility in order to release the alien.

Seeking legal aid after the release of the alien is recommended. This is to ensure the individual gets cleared from any instance that makes them be considered as aliens. When the alien is detained in a different location from where the person paying for the bond, the person is required to use the local offices for the process.

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