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Why Maintaining a Normal Level of Testosterone in Women is Important

In women, there are two main hormones. These are the estrogen and testosterone hormones. The testosterone hormone in their bodies is mainly known to be a hormone connected to the males. One question however is, what are the normal testosterone levels in their bodies? Many people wonder whether there are any effects of the high or low levels of the hormone. The male behavior is usually caused by testosterone. It affects their muscle mass, the sex drive and also the production of sperm. The levels of this hormone are healthy and crucial for men’s health. Testosterone levels as well cannot be ignored.

High testosterone levels can lead to polycystic ovarian syndrome. This is one thing that is at the high of causing infertility in women. It is something that leads to serious cases of irregular or no menstrual periods. Through this you can have a severe outbreak, and you can also develop a acne. This is also as a result caused a weight gain. It is therefore very important for every woman to have a balanced level of testosterone.

Balanced testosterone leads to great benefit. There is a healthy libido, normal brain functions and even healthy bone density. This is the right balance that you get to have and through this you have a better celebration of your life. A clear skin and healthy weight maintenance is another more significant problems this could as well lead to.

To check your testosterone levels you can take a simple blood test. There are so many ways that you need to learn that you can use to normalize these levels in case they are in excess. Its not healthy to have excess of the hormone levels and also having them in the limited levels. You need to keep them in the right levels for your good.

In a woman, these levels are produced in the ovaries and at the adrenal glands. This is a formal that has been known for years is an excellent level for the women. There are several impacts that you need to take care of through the hormonal imbalance. One things this will bring along is the hormonal imbalance. Here are several ways you can tell that a woman is in excess of testosterone hormone. There is one thing they’re likely to have, and this is an acne prone or an oily skin. You are also likely to have an increased growth of the facial and the bodily hair. The fatal and facial balding is another manifestation of this hormone and which helps you a lot.

The severe cases can go severe to the point of causing infertility and high blood pressure and weight gain and mood swings. After this you get to have delayed periods.

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