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Acai Berries and their Health Benefits

Back in Brazil, the Amazon region where they happen to be the staple food, the Acai berries are known for being the “superfruit”. But anyway, today the Acai berries have received global acclaim and they have been found to be so beneficial to human health and well-being.

By and large, there seems to be so much of nutrition packed in these dark purple fruits and they seem laden with a lot of health benefits as we will see described below. Check out the following to find out more about these fruits as we have below highlighted.

Acai berries, as we have mentioned already, are so popular in the rainforests of Central and Southern America. They are about an inch round. In terms of color, they are dark purple in color of the skin and have a yellow flesh surrounding a large seed. In as much as they are so popularly known as berries and referred to as berries, they technically do not pass for berries but would rather be considered to be drupes and this is looking at the fact that they have pits like we see in apricots and olives.

By far and large, the acai berries happen to be so common an accompaniment to meals in the rainforest regions of the Amazon. The outer skin is often tough and to make them edible, they are first soaked and then mashed.

By and large, the fresh acai berries have such a short shelf life and aren’t available out of where they are cultivated. If at all you are looking at those meant for export purposes, these will in most cases be packed as frozen fruit puree, dried powder or as pressed juice.

The acai berries can as well be used for the need to flavor some food products such as jelly beans. They are as well found used in some of the non-food items such as body creams and the like. The following are some of the benefits of acai berries.

Looking at the nutritional composition of the acai berries, one thing that is so apparent is the fact that they happen to be so dense in this regard and as such are so good for a number of reasons. The acai berries are known for having such a unique nutritional profile as a fruit. Talking of their nutritional composition and components, acai berries generally have been noted to be low in sugar and high in fat content.

Over and above this, acai berries are known for being so laden with antioxidants.

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