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Tips To Make Your Monk Character A Destroyer in Diablo 3

When it comes to entertainment and number of games, Nintendo Switch is without a doubt, one of the best consoles and most popular one that you can find in the market today. What it is lacking however, are powerful games in the dark and mature category and it’s definitely going to attract more players if it somewhat remedies this section. With the recent entry of Diablo 3 to its rank of games though, it has become as complete as you can imagine. If you’re going to play this game as a monk, there’s no doubt that the next problem you’ll be facing is to find the right build.

Even a single class in Diablo 3 can provide diverse experience to players and this will depend on what build you’ll go for. The diversity awaiting you in the game is what makes it more challenging, engaging, complex and you’ll surely get hooked to it. Regardless if you wish your monk to be as powerful as possible or helpful to other players, you’ll find that the tips in this page will come in handy as you play this game.

Leveling up is one of the first and most critical challenge you would have to deal with, if you’re planning to play the monk class or any other class for that matter. Since a monk is a melee class, it is prone to dying more often if you aren’t smart with how you’re going to deal with your enemy. For instance, you should stick to dexterity-type equipment with vitality advantages up its sleeves. Regardless if you’re dealing with mobs or other opponents, having dex and vit to power up your character and give you more life, will surely make battling a lot easier for you.

If you consider yourself to be a player who blooms better when playing solo, then a solo-farming build will fit you like a puzzle. What you wish for this build is to have the capability to close on targets as fast as possible and deal AOE or ‘Area of Effect’ damages to destroy your enemies. Some of the active skills that will fit your build includes Explosive Light Rune and Wave of Light, Dashing Strike, Mantra of Salvation, Cyclone Strike and more.

On the other hand, if you’re the type of player who enjoys playing more with your friends or other players, going for support is more likely to fit your game style. Full Support Tank Builds for Monk can be very challenging but, it can be very enjoyable and rewarding especially if you have more fun playing with your friends in this game. Beacon of Ytar, Resolve, Guardian’s Path, Harmony and Resolve are some of the passive skills you need to aim for while you’ll do great if you go for active skills like Inner Sanctuary, Forbidden Palace Rune, Crippling Wave, Tsunami Rune, Cyclone Strike, Serenity and more.

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