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Tips For Promoting Your Event

Being an event is never easy as you must come up with creative ways of promoting your business to attract a lot of people to your event. Below are some of the tips that can help you promote your event across a variety of platforms to drive a stronger audience to your next event. Your event should be promoted in the right social media platforms. Make use of the best techniques while promoting your event in social media to attract a lot of people to your event. Pictures are videos help provide the highest social currency across different social media platforms, and this should be your main focus. Most people prefer to watch a short video or informational photo than to read a lengthy text. Once you make it possible for other people planning to attend to take and post their photos other people will get an idea of what it means to be at your event. Have hash-tag specific for your event which other people planning to attend can share in Facebook and Instagram.

Make use of FOMO (Fear of missing out) which is a an influential event marketing tool to promote your event. People would not like to be left out as the rest of your attendees share memorable moments from the event. Consider hiring a prime influencer to appeal to your audience that they need to be at the event. Other people who will be present in your events such as sponsors, speakers and service providers should also promote the event in social media. The success of your event will be of gain to many people including those that you hire to offer various services and that means a lot of them will be aggressive in promoting your event. Engagement is one of the strongest forms of marketing and this is important to create as many opportunities as you can to create contests and games. This will help your audience create a certain thrill with your event before it occurs. Give your target audience a valid reason to share and discuss your upcoming event. You can achieve this by offering discount or free tickets to those that share your event online.

You should always engage online users by posting all the year round even when you have no upcoming event that you are advertising. Connecting with a large audience before your event is essential as it ensures that you create a strong bond with online users before your main event.Send invitations to your previous attendees by email who knows your standard of events. Create a strong landing page where potential attendees can go to gather more information about your event and buy tickets. Your events landing page should be mobile-friendly to help enhance your exposure across smart-phones as the attendees share the link across platforms.