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Essential Techniques to Help Differentiate Real Pay Stubs from Phony Ones
Pay stubs are not new documents in the modern business market especially for anyone whole daily tasks involve collecting employee data and as well as their earnings. There are however so many phony pay stubs rotating in the market which end up bringing so much trouble especially if the individual in charge does not identify their presence. Anyone operating in the current market should thus have adequate skills and knowledge on how to tell the fake ones from the real ones bearing in mind that not everyone using the latter gets caught in the end. Reading through this article is vital for anyone that deals with pay stubs in the modern business market as it equips them with some of the useful ways that they can apply when looking out for fake pay stubs from the original ones.

Generators of fake pay stubs work by interfering with the basic details and info about the employee in the picture which requires the individual to look out for the accuracy of the same as the generators will easily miss out or forget to replace the generics no matter how careful they are. It is so easy to for fake pay stub to have an incorrect name, occupation and even date of birth among many other basic details which eventually help one to identify fake pay stubs from the real ones. Spelling mistakes are another significant factor to put in mind when looking for a fake pay stubs from the real ones bearing in mind that no competent accountant can issue out the document without looking out for such simple issues and rectifying them. There is no way a real pay stub will carry around spelling errors and wrong basic info when it was automatically populated from the employer’s system.

When looking for a fake pay stub from the real ones, it is also vital to note that there should be perfect alignment of all the digits and decimal points. With the training they undergo, combined with adequate expertise, there is no way an accountant can leave any room for misaligned decimal points and digits on a pay stub. The use and application of quality and vital accounting software when making the real pay stubs also explain why they end up looking perfectly put together and well aligned as well.

It is also vital to note that real pay stubs show a discreet difference between the letter ‘o’ and the number ‘0’. The number ‘0’ on the real ones often gas a line through it which is not the case with their phony counterparts.
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