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How to Save Energy in a Multifamily Building

Most of the people in modern days are going for a multifamily housing option. As a result, energy cost tend to go so high. While there are things one cannot control in a multifamily building, lighting is one of the options one can utilize to cut costs. It would not be a good thing to consider switching off lights at 9:30 p.m. However, there are several ways you can focus on with the intention saving electricity bill in the multifamily building. You may consider focusing on increasing the happiness of the people living in the building in question, increasing the property value and also lower the operating cost.

One of the things you may need to consider include upgrading lighting. It would be essential to consider working with a good lighting company that will lead you to choose the most energy-efficient lighting option. You may need to also go for a cost-effective way of saving energy. You may need to go for options such as LEDs in your fixtures but you would also need to know of the areas you may need to focus on.

You may need to consider focusing on the common areas which tend to be likely to have the highest burn time. You may also need to consider the security of the multifamily building and lighting the hallways, stairwells, parking garage, and make sure that the residents feel secure. You may also need to consider installing occupancy sensors. You may be amazed at how occupancy sensors can save you between 15 and 30 percent of the total lighting costs. Lighting controls tend to work best for low traffic areas such as meeting rooms, office spaces, or even the laundry area. It is also essential to pinpoint the retrofit options in the multifamily building. As a result, you would not need to do any rewiring.

You would also need to consider having a lighting maintenance plan. You would need to ensure a lighting maintenance plan to avoid instances where your light runs out when you need them most. You may need to consider group re-lamping if you do not mind spending a few more dollars on energy costs.

You may also need to come up with a plan to update and also maintain HVAC in your house. Most of the homeowners tend to get more HVAC systems related calls than any other problems in the property. Most residents want to know why their heat won’t go higher or even why their air won’t kick on. Some of the common problems include leaks, frozen pipes among others. One may need to consider buying the best HVAC to improve the comfort in the multifamily building, improve air quality as well as ensure improved system efficiency. You may also need to consider regulating water usage and also consider implementing water controls to help you minimize usage. You may also need to educate residents on the importance of reducing energy costs. If you are in the planning stage of a multifamily housing option, you may need to work with specialists to get the best results.

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