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Why Put Macroalgae in Your Marine Tanks?

Macroagae are large celled organisms that comes in many types. If you own a marine aquarium, then it is good to add macroalgae in it. In ocean and aquarium ecosystmes, algae performs some important roles. Some species of algae are great food sourcese for sea creatures that are herbivorous. Another role of algae in marine waters is the reduction of existing levels of phosphates and nitrates. With this, macroalgae makes a good natural filtration system.

Today, algae filters or algae scrubbers are very popular. The reason for this is that it can filter water naturally. And, it is easy to add to your aquarium. Macroalgae can be grown in a sump area below your aquarium or in a refugium which is mounted on the side of your main aquarium. With macroalgae growing in your refugium, it can remove pollutants in your aquarium so that species of algae which are undesirable will not grow. Another way of using your refugium beside growing macroalgae is to put live sand and rock in it so that crustaceans can have a place to live. This can serve as food for your delicate fish.

Lighting should be provided for long periods so that dark periods are minimized. This will help prevent CO2 production in macroalgae and will give you best results Excessive growth of your macroalgae is also not good so you need to prune it and remove the excess. IF you put macroalgae in your main aquarium, then you give you fish and investribrate great source of natural food. Macroalgae comes in many shapes and colors. it makes for good aquarium decoration.

The Hawaiian Halimeda plant is a spherical clump the size of a baseball. Compared to macralage found in the Atlantic, this Hawaiian Halimeda plant is larger and fuller. Calcium is used to support structure within its blades. Herbivores does not want to eat this kind. And also the reason why their lifespan within the aquarium is extended. Here you have a hardy and slow growing macroalgae.

The Spaghetti Algae is a great macroalgae for refugiums. It looks like a ball of fishing line with its long stil strands that re filament-like claumps. This algae grows fast and provides natural filtration that removes nitrate and phaspate from your water as it grows. You grow it in a refugium, it provides a great habitat for crustaceans.

You can also use the maiden’s hair algae for your marine tanks. Its appearance is very soft and it provides great esthetic value to your aquarium. It looks like a thick mat of bright green carpet which adds an intense green color and soft flowing motion to your arine aquarium.

Ther are many benfits to having macroalgae in your marine aquariuim. Make sure to have this in yours so that your fish will reap the rewards.

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