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How to Prevent an Account Takeover
Account takeover also referred to as ATO, is when 3rd parties get hold of your account credentials. What follows after this is the theft of your intellectual property by criminals, which is then sold to the highest bidder on the underground markets. It happens extremely quick and the collateral damage can take a lot of years after that. Honestly there is nothing like 100{e9f10206dfa39f8295bff5ca0cfc80f5a721a7c2277ac86611b458c47f9bf44e} protection against ATO even though there has been a wide variety of ATO prevention products on the market over the years. This simple fact that the number of attacks have increased, despite the many ATO prevention products on the market is proof enough that no one ATO prevention product is foolproof.
The timeline of ATO starts with a breach where criminals find and exploit vulnerabilities in forums and websites and then gain access to their user database. These stolen credentials quickly become high-value assets and targeted attacks follow soon after. These criminals store all stolen data within their trusted networks until they have fully monetized it. Here, a criminal will identify wealthy or high-profile victims who are treated differently than the rest because of the monetary value, so this results in blackmail and extortion. The stolen data is then used to extort as much monetary value as possible from the victims by these criminals. Then once that is over and done with, the credentials are sold to less sophisticated criminals. Phase four is all about credential stuffing where these criminals try to use the purchased credentials to enter on multiple other sites. With the help of automated botnets, criminals are able to easily download easy to use tools for this purpose. Because most people use the same credentials for multiple sites for convenience sake, then his makes it easy for such criminals.
ATO Prevention is an absolutely necessity and most companies recognize that it’s only a matter of when and not if when an ATO shall happen. You will find that preventative steps are vital here and is where the real power lies. It is wise to understand that password managers, multi-factor authentication, password rotation, password managers, behavior based technologies are not as effective when used alone. There simply are no means to find the exposed credentials on the underground and these techniques are unable to alert security of ATO.
The steps that ought to be taken for effective ATO prevention include fortifying the passwords. It is a tactic that is proactive rather than always playing defense. This means keeping employees from choosing too simple passwords or recycling previously compromised passwords. The next thing is to intervene and stop the sale of these credentials before they happen Step three is when you stop the bleed. Find an effective solution which will automatically and instantly force an employee to reset the password.

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