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Know of the Duration of Time You Should Allow Kids as Computer Time

What we have seen today is that quite a number of kids are nowadays just spending much of their time staring at a screen of some sort. In fact, studies have went ahead to establish that the average kid aged between 8 and 18 spends an average of 7 hours every day looking at a screen.

In the event that you have noticed your child coming close to these, then it is time you started limiting their screen time. Of the screens to watch out for in particular your need to be on the lookout for the much time that they spend on computer screens for this is one that they do spend so much of their time in. Here under is a look at the hours that you should allow your child enjoy before the computers even as recommended by experts.

We start this out by taking a look at the needs of the kids whose ages fall at 18 months and below. Where your child still happens to be below a year and half in age, it is advisable that you keep them as far away as is possible from computers. Kids at such ages shouldn’t be allowed to use any of these devices applying computer tech such as the smartphones, tablets and computers themselves. This is looking at the fact that in the event that such young kids are granted access to computers at these ages, you get to expose them to the risk of developing bad habits. This is notwithstanding the fact that such an access and permission to use computers as well at these stages and early ages in their development as well gets to hamper their emotional and psychological development and wellbeing.

It’s only in extreme cases where you may allow a child below age 18 months to video chat with a close relative, only where this is your only alternative for communication. Other than this extreme case scenario, kids below the age of 18 months, that is a year and a half, should be seen or permitted to get any close to a computer or devices of the kind for any reason.

Then we may want to see the kids between the ages of 2 years and 5 year old. Children who have gone beyond the 18th month can be steadily introduced to the computer world steadily. It is often the case that the kids at these stages will already be showing interest in watching TV. In as much as this is the case, it is not advisable for you to allow them time sitting for such extended periods of time before the screens all on their own.